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KELA Delivers the World's Best Intelligence Solutions

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Take Away Fear of the Dark

KELA takes away fear of unknown digital threats all organizations face. Trusted worldwide, our combined solution of exceptional automated threat intelligence technology and deep staff expertise delivers actionable threat intelligence that is highly relevant to your organization. Mining the cybercrime underground, KELA’s solutions reduce your team’s workload while enabling proactive, targeted defense.

Targeted Threat Intelligence


Automatic tracking and immediate notification of company-specific Darknet threats.


Status filtering and a messaging board facilitate communication for organizations with multiple users.


Users gain full control over their intelligence, enabling customized management of the organization’s threat landscape.


Automatic scanning of Darknet sources in more than 100 languages.


Provides specific remediation recommendations for targeted Darknet threats.


Featuring all available intelligence in a unified hub, providing a clear overview of everything that is going on.

Research through the Cybercrime Underground

Enables an optimized search process of all data.

Access intelligence from database dumps, Telegram groups, botnet markets, hacking chatter and more, straight from KELA’s data lake.

Conduct secured investigations without exposing your scope to KELA and obtain access to raw data straight from our data lake.

Perform in-depth investigations on any data point and access valuable results in real time.

Allows users to perform complex query searches, and immediately retrieve relevant results.

Search and access raw data in more than 100 languages, and auto-translate results.

Our highly skilled analysts helping fill the talent
gap many organizations face.

KELA’s cyber intelligence center delivers the most accurate and coherent intelligence analyses and remediation processes.

Integrating RADARK, DARKBEAST, and KELA’s other proprietary technologies to provide the most detailed intelligence analysis.

Including experiences in military intelligence, cyber, and tech; fluent in over 20 languages.

Divided into three strategic groups focusing on: Incident Response, Proactive Analytics, and Asset Monitoring.

Analysts follow Darknet trends to retrieve and monitor only trusted Darknet sources.

Immediate reporting on intelligence featured in the user’s dashboard and detailed analyses of incidents.

MSSP Solution for Attack Surface Intelligence

100% automatic delivery of targeted attack surface intelligence

Proactively take action on intelligence to eliminate immediate risks.

Monitor specific assets to receive only targeted and actionable intelligence.

Efficient detection of darknet threats helps users maintain a reduced attack surface.

Easily integrates with other security technologies.

Simple to use and quick deployment for immediate monitoring of assets.


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